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Embroidery Town was born in 2003 when Jane Townsend, owner, decided to move her ill mother into her home and care for her. Still needing to make an income, Embroidery Town opened.

About the Town . . .

Come on in and look around. There are many nice things inside the shops. Take your time and wander through.  The town has a relaxed atmosphere and an old fashioned charm.  Personalized service is not a thing of the past here; it's what the town is all about!

Welcome to Embroidery Town!

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The website and webstore are a continual work in progress.  Ordering directly from the site is not currently offered.  But - please either email or call with your order, questions, or ideas.  Personalized service is just a call or click away!   I hope you enjoy shopping in Embroidery Town and come back often - thanks a lot for stopping in!